About Us

At TerraStone Landscaping Inc., every customer is treated like family. We offer free home visits consultations and honest quotations, taking the time to understand what you want and work diligently to help get your dream home or commercial space from conception to completion. We specialize in everything from high pressure cleaning, application of sealants to complete restorations and installations. Our team includes qualified technicians, experienced sales staff and customer service consultants who work tirelessly to provide the most time/cost effective and high-quality results. Here at TerraStone Landscaping, we prioritize your needs, address your concerns, and make sure you are comfortable with the project at every step along the way. With over 15 years of experience, we let our past customers do the talking. Please check out our testimonials for more insight into the quality of service we provide.

Our flow

Call or Email

We have the opportunity to connect with you and understand the vision you have for the space. Based on the information gathered, we will be able to give you a rough estimate

Schedule a Visit

We will set up a time for an in-person consultation (typically on the same day), as we know clients are excited to get projects in motion.

In-Person Consult

We are able to address all your concerns and walk you through the whole process of the project. We will provide an official quote to you that day to put your mind at ease.


Once you are put in our system and the deposit is given, we will note your preferences on the start and end date of the project.

Sit back and Relax

you can sit back and watch your vision for the space come to life. We value transparency and we will always keep you up to date with the project.

Enjoy your haven!

We are confident that you will enjoy your new space so much that you will want to refer TerraStone to your friends!

Our mission at TerraStone Landscaping Inc. is to give you the space of your dreams without exception. Our mission with any project, big or small, is to connect with our clients on a deeper level and understand their needs in order to deliver extraordinary products and services. We recognize that landscaping projects can be stressful for clients, we strive to remove all stress from the equation, and take care of everything by being transparent, and working diligently to exceed expectations.

The secret to our success has always been the connections we built with our customers–one grounded in the values of honesty and trust. We believe that your space, whether it be your home or your business, is a sanctuary, and we vow to enhance and restore the beauty of the space. By taking the time to really understand what the customer’s vision is, we are able to and uphold the value the space truly has, and make clients’ dreams of the space come true.

Contact us to recieve a free quote

We welcome all requests and look forward to meeting with you to discuss how we can work together to enhance the beauty of your outdoor living areas.