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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about taking on a landscaping or hardscaping project? Terrastone Landscaping is here to help!

Questions about our landscaping services? We have the answers!

Interlocking stone pavers are made from concrete. Natural stone pavers are made from natural stone sourced from stone quarries, and Asphalt is made when a layer of crushed stone or aggregate is coated and mixed with tar.

Not every surface is the same and we can help determine if your specific surface paver or stone will need an additive to help create sufficient traction.

Interlocking stones distribute weight evenly unlike a fully poured solid slab, each individual block is free to move in any direction and are flexible with the ground expanding and contracting. As the restoration experts, we have seen properly maintained interlocking pavers on driveways in Toronto that are over 35 years and still looking great.

Depends on your application. Our experienced sales staff will help determine if a permit is necessary.

Sealing will prolong the life of the stone, help protect the finish from oil and salt, and preserve the original colour.

The ground will always move in the transition from fall to winter, and winter to spring with the seasons natural freeze and thaw cycles. We insure a properly base is installed to help minimize the effects on the interlocking pavers.

All of our installations are covered by our 6 year service warranty. We will repair any area(s) that may have shifted or settled within that time frame.