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Landscaping Toronto - A man is power washing a brick paver.

How To Remove Stains From Your Interlock Stone

It’s not uncommon to notice stains on your interlock stone driveway or paths after a long Toronto winter. In fact, it is somewhat normal to see a lot of discoloration present. If you’ve washed it down and there are still areas of staining, there may be a few things you can do to get your interlock stone looking beautiful again.

This guide will show you the steps of doing this on your own, but you may also benefit from using a professional company to handle the driveway cleaning for you. Hiring landscapers from Terrastone Landscaping will ensure that the best techniques and products are used to improve the condition of your driveway while you sit back and relax.

Step 1: Clean Your Interlock

If you notice discoloration, stains, or areas of damage, start with cleaning the surface. Rinse it down with the hose to remove as much debris as possible. Pressure washing your driveway is a great idea right after Toronto’s winter season ends. This can help remove a great deal of the dirt and stains from the pavers. After doing so, apply a mild detergent and scrub the surface with a brush to reveal the true condition.

Step 2: Treat Interlock Stains

Cleaning your interlock may reveal stains and areas of discolouration that just won’t come off with scrubbing. Here are the 3 most popular types of stains and some tips for removing them:

Oil-Based Stains

These may develop from an oil spill or drippings near the grill area of your car. The best thing to do is cover the area with a granular material, like sand, to soak up as much of the oil as possible. Make sure not to rub it in, but allow the substance to soak up the oil, and then power wash it off.

Rust Stains

Commonly caused by chairs, tables, or other metal coming into contact with the interlock stone, rust can be very hard to remove. The best way to treat this by finding a rust removal product from your local hardware store. Apply it with a nylon soft bristle brush, and power wash it away.

Hard Water Stains

Hard water stains generally develop after Toronto’s winter months. As the snow and ice start to melt away, the water and salt leave an ugly white stain behind. Products like Efflorescence Remover can help with the removal of hard water stains from most interlock stone. This product interacts with the material in the stone to help draw out the deposits.

Pro tip: make sure to test this on a hidden area before using it on a large surface.

Step 3: Seal Your Driveway

Maintaining an interlock driveway means consistently watching for stains and working on removing them as soon as possible. However, one way to minimize the risk of stains occurring is sealing a driveway in Toronto. This process applies a coating of coloured or non-coloured treatment to the top of the stones, helping to lock out anything within them. Choose a high-quality product to apply and pay close attention to using it thoroughly to protect all of the stones. Based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, you may have to reapply this annually.

Make Removing Stains & Repairing Interlock in Toronto Easy

If you notice any damage on your interlock pavers or are facing stains that you cannot get off, let our team help you. Terrastone Landscaping can provide comprehensive treatment and care for your interlock stone, including power washing, resealing, and repair services.

Contact us today for an estimate.